Advantages and disadvantages of any Raw Diet for Cats


Pet cats are obligate carnivores, and therefore their dietary plan must contain beef to be able to meet up with a bunch of their dietary needs. As a result, pet cats do finest when they’re given an eating plan composed of raw or minimally processed foods. If you’re considering transitioning your cat into a raw food diet plan, right here are among the advantages you can expect to see.

Improved Food digestion

cat raw meat (貓 生肉)
on the raw food diet generally have far better digestive function than cats on a commercial pet food diet regime. It is because raw meat includes a lot more nutrients and enzymes than cooked or highly processed meat, rendering it less difficult for cats to destroy down and process the nutrients and vitamins off their food. Moreover, raw weight loss plans include a lot more drinking water than dried up kibble diets, that helps cats stay hydrated and prevents digestive irritated.

Far better Nutritional Intake

Raw food products also include much more bioavailable vitamins and minerals than cooked or processed animal foods, meaning that kittens and cats can soak up a greater portion of these vital vitamins and minerals from their food. This can help be sure that your cat is becoming every one of the vitamins and minerals he demands for total health and wellness. Plus, because kitties don’t create many crucial nutritional vitamins independently (like vitamin C), they rely on the natural vitamins located in their food to be able to function appropriately.

Better Epidermis & Coat Well being

Raw weight loss plans may also be good for pores and skin and layer health due to the increased degrees of omega-3 fatty acids located in raw meats like fish and chicken breast. These essential fatty acids help keep skin healthy by reduction of swelling and looking after moisture amounts. Additionally they help to keep coats gleaming by offering proteins foundations which help make fur solid and sturdy.


Feeding your cat a raw food diet supplies many benefits for simple-expression and long-term wellness. It might increase digestion, source of nourishment ingestion, epidermis wellness, layer well being, stamina, total vitality—and considerably more! Obviously it’s essential to consult with the vet prior to making any major alterations to the cat’s diet plan but if you select that feeding your cat a raw food diet suits him/her then you’re guaranteed to see some incredible results! Raw providing is surely an incredibly fulfilling practical experience for you and your cat—so why not give it a shot?