becomes your ideal ally when learning to play guitar by making real music

Learning to play the guitar is an endless journey. For years, new things have continued to be learned, including new techniques that can be used while playing or writing new songs on the guitar. Starting this journey is undoubtedly the hardest part of all, as you have to teach your fingers and your mind a whole new skill, like learning to walk.
The initial stages of learning to play the guitar can be very demotivating because at first, every new guitar chord (kuncigitar), chord change, time signature chord, etc., will be a fight. It’s because over 60% of new guitar players quit in a very short time. And that’s why it’s so important to stay motivated during the early stages of your guitar-playing career.
The best way to keep new players motivated is to have them play songs on the guitar from the start. When you learn easy guitar songs for beginners, you’ll practice while making real music, which motivates you to practice even more. There are many guitar courses where you do rigorous exercises, and it just doesn’t work. It is there where becomes his ideal ally.

Make music with the best platform

All new practitioners should start playing beginner guitar music as soon as possible. The reason behind this is the basic motivation of all newbies who want to start playing an instrument, in the sense that they want to make music, play music, and maybe even write their songs at a later stage.
The fight with each new chord, with each new fingering, and with each new skill becomes more tenuous if you have the platform of Chordtela. This site allows you to use them in a musical context.

Learn by making real music

Isolated exercises are tedious, pure, and simple. But if you learn the guitar key chords (chord kuncigitar) in the context of a song, you will be much more motivated to keep practicing and perfecting any technique, as you will be satisfied with being able to make real music. Chordtela. cc does for you; it allows you to enjoy learning the guitar simply by making music.