Doctor Nihar Gala helps all his patients to face every challenge confidently

The doctor Nihar Gala is an addiction rehabilitation specialist with all the necessary elements to help people who have decided to go through a path of transformation. Together with him are the best treating doctors for drug addiction; a multidisciplinary team of therapists, psychologists, counselors, and social workers with experience in addressing the different aspects that addicted people face.
This team of doctors aims to identify the root of the addiction and offer the indicated treatments to ensure that people achieve long-term and sustained recovery. Each person who enters the doctor’s therapies Nihar Gala receives 100% of the help from all the specialists.
In addition to the fact that there are various programs to maintain a normal life as much as possible, he receives help to start the process of the detoxification phase. Withdrawal can be considered one of the most difficult periods a patient with addiction must face, but it is the first test he must overcome to continue on the path.

Innovative methods at your disposal

Doctor Nihar Gala helps all his patients to face each challenge safely, guarantees their commitment at each stage during drug detoxification treatment, providing all possible tools to strengthen the fighting spirit that develops in each patient addict who wants to change his life.
The addiction rehabilitation center applies innovative drug rehabilitation methods beyond outpatient or residential programs, assistance, and follow-up services. Manages a code of ethics to treat addiction and mental health diseases dedicated to transforming people’s lives with the right environment and support.

Excellent care

The recovery process for people suffering from the effects of addiction can be very complex, but with proper follow-up and continuity of care, lifelong detoxification can be achieved. You can manage to overcome every obstacle and have a fulfilling life. The doctor Nihar Gala promotes recovery to achieve a lifestyle with the freedom not to depend on drugs.