How to fix rundll32.exe errors on your computer

Rundll32.exe errors messages on your PC are a bit tricky to handle. Randll32.exe error messages are many, each with unique reasons. To remove them can be quite a hard task due to their ambiguous origins. Don’t worry if you spot any of these errors since you had to click here to get solutions. Try the following procedures to get rid of these error messages from your PC.
Reboot the PC
In some cases, turning your machine off and on again will resolve the problem. Try to restart your computer to see if the error message will still appear.
If an error message appears when a specific program is running, you need to reinstall that program to solve the problem. If the error message still appears after an unsuccessful uninstall, try to uninstall again. If this step works, then reinstall the program and uninstall again. At times it’s good to uninstall it to solve the issue completely.
An anti-spyware program will weed out all malicious programs from your machine. The harmful programs may be responsible for the rundll32.exe error messages on your PC. Install the anti-spyware software on your machine in its current version and have a full scan of your computer.
Clean boot
The clean boot is a difficult fix to do on your machine. Use the following procedure to have it done.
Open the start menu and click on the run, then type msconfig. Press Enter to open the system configuration utility window.
Click on the selective startup radio button.
Deselect all and click Ok.
Reboot your computer
Open systems configuration utility again as done before. If you see an item identified as rundlll32.exe error, the process removes it from your machine. If not, repeat the entire process.
If all these options don’t work, you have to reinstall the Windows operating system to remove the randll32.exe error messages.