The Benefits of Privnote for Sending Private Notes


All of us have important info that we wish to always keep private, whether or not it’s a summary of security passwords, financial information and facts, and even an idea for any company. However if you don’t get the appropriate safety steps set up, your hypersensitive information can be easily uncovered. That’s why private note is really a great tool. It lets you firmly retailer and discuss your personal remarks without having concern with them being found from the completely wrong folks. Let’s have a look at how Privnote performs and why it’s the easiest way to keep the exclusive notices harmless.

So How Exactly Does Privnote Function?

Privnote is surely an encrypted be aware-consuming iphone app that permits customers to safely store and discuss their individual notes. When you create a notice on Privnote, it is actually instantly encoded utilizing AES-256 encryption technology so that only those with the appropriate password can accessibility it. You may also set up expiry dates and personal-destruct occasions for your remarks in order that they will go away after a certain amount of time. It is then almost impossible for anybody in addition to get into your delicate info.

The key benefits of Making use of Privnote

Employing Privnote has lots of benefits over other types of keeping and expressing private remarks. For starters, you don’t have to bother about somebody else stumbling upon your delicate info since it is concealed behind solid encryption technologies. In addition, since the notices personal-destruct following some time, you don’t need to bother about them residual around forever on a person else’s laptop or computer or maybe in a message email. Ultimately, with its simple program and simple-to-use functions, you can now use Privnote no matter their technological information or level of experience.


Trying to keep our most essential information and facts safe ought to be a top goal for anyone who utilizes the net these days. Luckily there are actually equipment like Privnote that make this task easier than ever just before. Having its strong encryption technological innovation and simple-to-use characteristics, you can be sure realizing that your private notices are secure from prying view wherever they may be placed or provided on the internet. So when you worth the protection of the hypersensitive info, then start using Privnote right now!