Why is wastewater treatment essential in industries?

You would have seen water treatment plants offering treatment services for industries. An industry should conduct such activities for the following beneficial factors.
Recycled water
You can easily spot the difference between the water consumption levels between industries when one is using water treatment technologies while another does not. The former would be consuming less water compared to the latter. It is because of the reusable water that the former gets as a result of the treatment process. Let us assume that your industry produces wastewater with tons of impurities due to industrial actions. If you can remove these impurities, you will get the same pure water again. Now, you can use this water for the next processes instead of going to freshwater. It is why the former industry is using recycled water and reducing consumption levels of water. So, wastewater treatment is vital for this benefit.
Environmental concerns
You can notice several laws coming out to protect the environment and several news coming out mentioning the devastating effects of industrial actions on the environment. As some industries are not caring about the wastewater that they are producing regularly, they could not stop this water from mixing with naturally available water resources like rivers and lakes. However, such mixing can change the state of the entire water ecosystem and everything becomes polluted. As these industries are doing so regularly, environmental devastation is also happening regularly. So, they should think of treating the wastewater.
Quality drinking water
Have you ever wondered about the source of your drinking water? It is nothing but natural resources like rivers. If they are affected by impurities of industries, your drinking water will also not be pure. So, industries should send only purified water to mix with natural resources to improve the quality of drinking water.