lego star wars minifigs: The Ultimate Guide to Collecting


For several Lego lovers, the iconic minifigs from your Star Wars business are some of the most much loved items. In addition they make entertaining recollections, nonetheless they may also be stored in breathtaking situation for a long time with good care and upkeep. Let’s have a look at tips on how to make sure that your cherished Minifigures keep harmless and search wonderful!

Typical Cleansing

Your star wars mini fig needs to be washed regularly to keep them seeking their utmost. A delicate, humid towel may be used on our bodies components and headpieces, while a slightly far more abrasive cloth should be employed to clear any painted parts. Make certain never to use excessive drinking water when washing a gentle remove will be all which is required. To clean up any dirt from the cracks or joint parts of the Minifigures, use a small brush like a classic tooth brush or paintbrush.

Storage space Options

Proper safe-keeping for your minifigs is important for keeping them resistant to dust particles, grime, and particles. You may want to look at investing in a show situation specifically designed for Minifigure collections, since these supply satisfactory security without using up excessive room. Otherwise, when you don’t have area for the exhibit case you can purchase personal plastic-type material instances or totes specifically designed for keeping Lego items these will help keep the figures arranged and free of dust particles and soil create-up.

Steer clear of Sunlight Visibility & Heat Injury

Sunshine publicity may cause discoloration as time passes, so it’s better to store your Minifigures far from sunlight whenever feasible. In the same way, excessive temperature ranges including heating or chilly can harm the plastic material avoid storing it in attics or outdoor storage sheds where temp fluctuations are standard. Also, bear in mind that some glues have chemicals that could burn plastic-type pieces after a while if you’re utilizing fasten on one of your figures make sure it is specifically designed to be used with Lego items only!


Taking good care of your Lego Star Wars Minifigures will guarantee they remain in excellent condition for years. Regular cleaning up with soft humid cloths or brushes may help eliminate any dirt construct-up, while correct storage remedies like individual cases or exhibit circumstances will safeguard them from sun light exposure and intense temperatures. Lastly, always make sure that any fasten applied to your figures is specifically designed for use with Legos only – this will likely make sure that no solvents melt off any plastic-type material parts as time passes! With one of these ideas in your mind, you’ll have the capacity to love playing with (or exhibiting!) your cherished Lego figures for several years ahead!